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Sunil Chavan on 13 July 2017
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World's Worst Customer Service Ever

I had a problem with my Videocon D2H RF remote. So logged a complaint. Call Center gave me call ID 6117 on 7th July 2017 and said that person will visit in 24 Hrs. Nobody came even after 36 Hrs. So I called up again and they provided me new ID - 1949 and I was told that person will visit in 8Hrs. Forget bout 8 hrs. Service person didn't come even after 24 Hrs. Again Called up and again I was given a brand new complaint ID - 2865 with same commitment of 8 Hrs. Again wait for 24 Hrs. Nobody came..Now this is limit... I again called customer care in anger and the person told me that tomorrow without fail service person will come. By God and D2H people grace service person came, but he couldn't resolve the problem, as he found issue in STB, so he changed STB, but he didn't have power adapter (what the heck). Don't know what type of service person he was. Then he told that some other person will come next day. After lot of follow ups new person came. He also couldn't resolve the issue and told that he will come with new remote. But nobody came even after 2 days. I called that person and he told me that some senior person will come from company and will resolve the issue..but still awaiting... Actually neither customer service team nor D2H company care about customers. They just want to do the business.. No qualified technicians and no other option other than call center to escalate the issue.. Customer ID - 8670 Sunil Chavan