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Dinesh Kumar B Somani on 22 June 2017
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Wrong inputs

1.Against my current account with sbi,you are showing sanctioned limit amount-rs.20,222,70/= and current balance is shown as rs.(-45,33426/=).No such limit, loan against shares has ever been taken. 2.In another case a/c with sbi a loan was disbursed on 18/01/2002 for rs.235,000/= and was successfully paid on 007, but as on 31.12.2016,there is a remark uder asset classification "sma" and similarly in one more a/c with sbi a limit was sanctioned which was never used/utilised,but it is still put in "sma" category. All the above reports are appearing as on 016. Please note I have inquired with my bankers,they say there are no such outstandings in any of the above three matters. Kindly look into the matter,and arrange to remove all negatives appearing in my cibil.

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