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Tushar Aggarwal on 22 June 2017
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SOTC Travel Services Pvt. Ltd.worst experience

SOTC Travel Services Pvt. Ltd., worst experience, cheater company We feel cheated by SOTC, where we had paid Rs.1,20,000 as booking amount of 2 persons for Amazing Europe with Zermatt. Due to unavoidable circumstances we had to postpone our plans for the tour, we notified the same to Mr.Sukesh Kumar, Sales Executive, SOTC Ambala about 1 month prior. They refused to return any amount, moreover started asking us for approx. Rs.10,000 more per person. We had even paid for visa charges which they didn’t refund as promised earlier or didnt even accept the option to change the person travelling with me so I could have gone with some other member of my family if not my fiancé on the same day so as to atleast save our booking amount. Our family including our grandparents have taken many tours from SOTC in past whereas now as per their behaviour and reviews from many other unhappy clients they have clearly become a money minded business trap where customer satisfaction is considered last. We haven’t utilized any of their services and even after informing about cancellation about a month prior they didn’t refund a single penny nor did they adjust the amount in another tour. When we ask any breakup of why you think our payment should be forefeited they don’t have clear answers. Thus, now we are forced to take legal action against the same to protect our rights and to save other people from getting in clutches of companies like these. Name: Tushar Aggarwal Amount Cheated for: Rs.1,20,000 + Rs.12,000/- Tour Operator: SOTC Travel Services Pvt. Ltd. Contact Person of Cheating Company: Sukesh Kumar, Sales Executive, Ambala Cantt Branch