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Lilaram Makhija on 22 June 2017
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Mobile lost/theft

Dear Sir, Good Noon, I started journey from RAJKOT to SURAT on 017, at RAJKOT railway station train reached at the platform and I was hurry to catch my train,so I could not take care of my mobile SAMSUNG J 7 . When I reached in my coach take my seat then I saw that my mobile was dropped/theft. I am not sure about it. After returning from journey there was not mobile bill/IMEI number was not available with me it was misplaced SOMEWHERE in my house, now I found bill/IMEI number also,So now I lodge my complain for SAMSUNG J 7 MOBILE dropped OR stolen whatever may be. MOBILE IMEI NO : 535. So in this circumstances I lodge my complain some time DELAY due to genuine reasoned. Please help me to find out mobile worth Rs.15000/- Thanking you, YOURS FAITHFULLY L K MAKHIJA 5102

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