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Manoj Agarwala on 07 June 2017
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Where is my new passport?

Facing stumble on every step to get a new Indian passport.But lastly Indian Post is playing hide and sick with me. On official web page of Indian Pass port has given me a tracking ID (PP616793454IN) that seems to have vanished after 31.06.2017.I have lost my patience .Is anybody would help me to assure to get my pass port as soon as possible ? Please take step against Indian Post.

Parul Garg

Dear You have to file RTI by which you will get your passport status copy as soon by which your passport file will also moves forward. It is a easy way to make your process fast.You have no need to go anywhere. You can file RTI via this portal online.


So just goto this website and Apply RTI.They will surely help you to resolve matter.

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