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Ammar Poonawala on 02 May 2017
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Frequent Internet Disconnection issue

It is been almost a month since i am facing frequent disconnection issue with you broadband. I had logged around 0-12 complaints from their app and the technician used to simply close the ticket without confirming if the issue is fixed. Finally i called call center 2 weeks ago and logged a complaint with them. Initially they sent technician who came and check the issue and confirmed there is frequent disconnection issue however did not provide any solution. I have been following up with them on almost daily basis however i have still not got any response from them. When i do a PING test.. there are almost 30% packets drop. With so frequent disconnection issue, i am unable to use internet. I have emailed their NODAL officer and i have not got any response from them as well. I just got one email asking for my contact details and nothing after that. It is been more than a week for the same. I am really tired of following up with different people and need an immediate solution. I am paying for service that i am not getting. I either need my service fixed or need my money refunded.