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Ramesh Bargale on 18 April 2017
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Extra charge for water bottle costs

Charging a different price from that in the open market for a water bottle cost by Family Tree Restaurant Pachpakadi Thane. We went to Family Tree Restaurant on Saturday for Lunch. We ordered 2 Water Bottles in this restaurant during our lunch. Restaurant has provided Aquafina water bottle which has price tag of 0-30 Rs in Open Market, but In our final Bill we observed that Restaurant has charged 50 Rs Per bottle for a normal Water bottle. we enquired for additional charges however they said that they are charging 50 Rs Only. as we have already consumed the water we have no option but to pay what ever has been asked. As now a days after news in news paper in Cinema hall they are charging only 20 Rs why this restaurant is charging Rs 50 Per bottle is not known. By this way they are looting customers which should be looked upon by Authority & take necessary actions against for extra charges. As a Vigilent Citizen We Just want to highlight this situations which we come across & make aware Authority about such incidents so that necessary actions can be taken to avoid extra charges when we visit next time as the charges are already fixed by Government.