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Ganesh Bhardwaj on 12 April 2017
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Gundaraaj at Kullu Bus Stand

We decided to lunch at Bus Stand Kullu after Manali visit. So we parked our Toyota Innova cryta along with other vehicles and lunched at The Nest Restaurant.During our return from there ,A man along with parking slip came there & said its our parking spot so you have to pay the amount and go...There was no parking board and nothing like that its a private parking....He misbehaved us when we refused to pay.we tried to resolve it. Then a man along with local goons arrived there and slapped me and pushed my friend...it was very awkward for me.I was Helpless... We was along our wives so we paid that very wrong amont and it was very bad step for me I personally feel.I am back to Delhi but much disturbed...Can I get attention so that future tourist feel happily and safely....My Contact no. Is 3174