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Kaustubh V Naik on 08 April 2017
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Absence of services due to lack of staff, machines, sheer negligence

K 168 is my client num, bandra west, i m thier client from last 7 months so there r various incidents, lets list it as below : they have cunning experienced marketing managers who even say u can loose 1 kg/day by joining their services, they have visiting doctors who visit centres to boost certain amount of business by over-selling latest launched services saying buy them if it does not work for u we will convert it to equal amount of other service but fail to keep thier promise once this happens, i have lost lots of weight not due to thier services but mostly due to visiting centres 3-4 times/week, they lack professional staff & keep on shifting dermats, therapist, doctors to various centres hence unable to maintain time-table for clients hence lack of timely proper guidance to clients, they lack rejuv m/c which is been shifting so service which was suppose to end in feb has pulled up till april with max num of sessions pending still they will try to get m/c only if more then 1 person is interested for it or else keep on streching service pack giving various lies like s.o.p, other hidden truths which never existed at selling of service forget the issue ur having which is left unattended completely. they r sitting there only to collect money & complete few formalities like changing services by reducing money value which was sold as a complete lie. they have 10 months out of 12 discount offers but price remains same with or without it, they will give u price 2 times higher then offer discount tag & lower it which is still higher then same type of services avail in market joining vlcc is killing time & wasting money. their c.e.o will use marketing gimmick & take challenges for weight loss to get media attention but never look to issues of genuine clients visiting centres for ailments, will waste crores of rupees in advt, promotions but not invest in m/c, staff for clients service purpose.

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