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Tejomay Rastogi on 06 April 2017
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Cancellation of BS3 Bike

I purchased a Honda Activa 3G from Preetam Honda, Oshiwara, Mumbai. I paid an advance amount of Rs 00/- in cash and gave them a cheque of Rs 00/- as full and final payment on the 30th March 017. Please note: the government had made announcements of the BS 3 bikes being banned from the 1st April 2017 due to which the dealers slashed their prices by 10-14k. Even though we made the full payment on the 30th April 017, Preetam Honda did not give us any discount on the BS 3 complaint bike. Because he says we registered the bike and gave the advance on the 26th April, 017. When we asked the difference in the 3G and the 4G bike while booking, all that was told to us by his saleman was that the light starts automatically in the 4G and there's an external unit which is still not available that will help charge the phone. Basis these two really silly points we decided to go for the 3G activa. Soon after we read that the BS3 had many issues with the carbon emissions hence they are banned and BS4 will be as per the government norms and hence it’s a better bike with low emissions of carbon dioxide. I changed my mind after reading the article. I want to support the government; I want to go with the BS4 bike that emits less carbon dioxide. When I reached the shop the very next day that is the 31st march 017, after booking the bike and without my full and final cheque getting cleared the dealer says the bike has been registered, the very next day. 01 How can the bike get registered without my payment being transferred? 02 When did trust become so common in Bombay? 03 If the bike had been registered why was no road tax document shown to me? 04 Why was I not allowed to take a picture of the receipt the owner kept showing me as the RTO booking document? I went to lodge a police complaint in the Oshiwara police station on Sunday evening the bike dealer Mr Anand called me said that he will do something, he wants a day, please do lodge a complaint. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday passed nothing from him. Not a word because there were a whole lot of bank holidays and he was buying time, so that he gets the RTO PAPERS TO SHOW ME THAT THE BIKE IS ALREADY REGISTERED AND HE COULD GET RID OF HIS STOCK AT THE OLD PRICE OF RS 00/- I was the right candidate to make his profits and sell all his old stock. I'm ready to pay the difference amount Rs 00/- and get a BS4 bike, id like to support the government in their move, am I wrong? Why can't I cancel my bike the very next day? Especially when the full and final payment has not been done? How can the bike be on my name before even the money going into the account, I have all proofs of the bills and cheque payments. I will lodge a case against the dealer if I don't get the BS4. Please suggest?

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