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Amol Shirodkar on 31 March 2017
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Snapdeal Referral Coupons not given to me

Hello there, Its been a 2 month i was taking followup of Snapdeal by calling and sending mails but they giving only false committments. Snapdeal CSE's only giving galse comments as they only trained for giving wrong committments. As they want ratings after call ended. I got many refferal coupons before Jan 017. Thourouly enjoyed by shopping. I reffered my 5 friends to snapdeal also ordered 600 rs order from each app, every friend got 100 rs discount but i have not received any coupon till date. Last time i got a call from (reverted to my mail) Snapdeal that you already used all coupons & we are now not having any dues to you. If I ordered something then why i have not received anything. The person who called up me not ready listen my concern ( as he may told to do so) when i starting arguing he said, thank u for cantacting snapdeal and cut the line. Snapdeal is big brand in this corporate world, but actually i have not expcted from them. I want proper resolution on the same.

Snapdeal Help

Dear Amol Shirodkar

Kindly share your registered email id and contact details on writetous@snapdeal.com so that we may assist you further.


Team Snapdeal

Amol Shirodkar


And dont made faces like u dont know anything....plz....

Amol Shirodkar


And dont make faces like u dont know anything....plz....