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Meena on 16 March 2017
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XUV 500 - Poor quality leading to hefty maintainance after sales service

I bought XUV 500 in May 015. It has done ,000 km till now. After ,000 km, every service I am required to get so many parts changed, costing me about Rs.7 K and Rs. 25 K alternately at every ,000 Km. I use this car within Delhi -NCR for commuting to my office. At ,000 km, I paid Rs. 25 K for servicing and just after ,000 km they are telling me to get link tuber, elbow etc changed amounting to about Rs. 14K. How can a car worth about Rs. 15 Lakh be so fragile that things get broken or deteriorated so fast ? Or are these the targets of servicing centre which are driving people pay their hard earned money for driving such an expensive car ! If this is design of the car and company's profit, then I would strongly recommend not to buy this car at all.