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Sweety Kumari on 14 March 2017
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Extremely poor quality water supplied by bisleri

I can't trust...i got bisleri water gallon and was drinking it with mosquito eggs in it...we were noticing the difference in taste and bottles yellowing for over 3 months...but this, we noticed for the 1st time...i hope it was the 1st time. On Friday my sister noticed something in the water and asked me not to drink it..saturday it became efficient there were some werms and we complained to bisleri. While complaining we were suggested it might our dispenser or our bottle or sun...if they have call recording u can here it maybe to see how much they impose their faults on the customers ...no replacement received yet and it's Tuesday now. I already see 3 mosquitos flying inside...few under developed one's and thausands of eggs which now can be seen. Amazingly bisleri offered me an exchange to which I should have not agreed but somehow I did thinking let's leave if they r trying to do something, but no...i was wrong...they r not..the gallon is still lying at my house, those mosquitos are enjoying there stay in it and growing and increasing in numbers...now I will never be drinking bisleri and for health and hygiene reasons I would highly highly recommend every one to not use them..maybe then they'll stop filling their gallons with pond water...we don't buy water gallons from some non branded one's but wats the point...it comes from the same ponds..its just that these put a jazzy sticker and charge Rs. 90....if my sister me or maid fall sick it will be purely because of the water we drank from bisleri....and they will be responsible....just keep u posted my sister is not feeling very well since yesterday...she better feels better or else this will not be a small issue no more...