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Sujit G on 13 March 2017
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Reliance Mobile Number Portability

I am trying to port my number 6688 , but Reliance is not releasing my number. kindly sort it out ASAP. Alternate contact no: 2131

Reliance Communications

Dear Sujit

We regret the unpleasant experience and appreciate you for taking time to share the same with us. We have escalated your grievance to a specialised team. We assure you that they will look into the matter at the earliest and update you with a best possible resolution. Thank you!


Reliance Communications

Sujit G

Received the call from Reliance Com. They tried to convince me that they have no issues from their side. So i requested for port out (3rd time) and got rejected again with the same reason stating wrong donor/wrong upc code/port out requested not received. I am sure this is deliberate act of blocking my mnp request and not releasing my number documents i have submitted/ UPC code cannot be wrong details three times in a row. i have already lost my time and money and i will re apply for the 4th time now. lets see what happens! btw i have kept all the records of every port request i had attempted.