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Sushant Satale on 05 March 2017
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After 45 days till registration not completed

I have purchased Scorpio S2 for commercial purpose from Silver jubilee motors Ltd Camp Pune. But now showroom told me that you will get old manufacturing date 2016 even I have purchased and paid for vehicle on 20th Jan 017. I have taken Loan for commercial purpose for my livelihood and take a loan Rs 00/- from Allahabad bank Talegaon having Rs . 9300 EMI. Until today registration not completed. This is cheating done with me by showroom. Showroom deny to return a new vehicle. Also not ready to return proper compensation like Price difference of 2016 and 017, Depreciation % loss due to old model, discount difference, business loss due to no registration and EMI/interest of loan. Also deny to give registration of same vehicle of 2017 manufacturing year. I am really harassed due to this service. Please suggest me how to file complaint against showroom also I want such showroom license will be cancelled who give a service like this.