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Diptendu Chakraborty on 04 March 2017
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Real Estate Fraud / Cheated by M/s Deisre Agro Resorts

Subject: Real Estate Fraud / Cheated by M/s Deisre Agro Resorts, P-525 Raja Basanta Roy Road, Kolkata – 029, Phone No. 033 – 818, 708, 194, Owned by Mr. Ashok Bose (Director) and Mr. Sanjay Shaw (Director) Dear Sir, I would like to draw your kind attention that I booked one (1) and my brother Booked two (2) plots no. 166 , 151 & 152 a pieces of land measuring 2.5 Kottahs each in " ART CITY" a project by M/s. Desire Agro Resorts Development Pvt Ltd, having its registered office at P/85, Lake Road, Kolkata - 0029 represented by its Managing Director Sri Ashoke Kumar Bose residing at 23, West Road, P.S. Purva Jadavpur, Kolkata 0075 on 1st October’ 2007 & for which entire installments were paid in full on 30th April’ 010. The Plot at Mouza- Danga, J.L.No 64, Touzi No. 110, Khatian No. 446 & 436, Dag no – 663 & 625, Consumer nos. 333, 0331 & 0332 respectively, P.S Sonarpur, District 24 Parganas ( South) I have made several phone calls & meet with Mr. Ashoke Kumar Bose in his residence & the above mentioned office, but every time I received false commitment from him / Office such as ART CITY Plots are converted to SUN CITY Project Phase III. But till now 4th February 2017 the Company not registry the plots. I and my brother submitted the necessary information for Deed of Conveyance for Registration of Plots on 6th December’ 2010 as per required for Company by Companies Proforma. Sir, I would request you to register my on line complain accordingly to arrange for possession of the said plots. Looking forward to your kind co-operation & action in this regards for registration of the plots either “”ART CITY” or “SUN CITY” as my husband is going to Retered from service, Please sir. Rina Chakraborty e-mail add: @gmail.com

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