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Chandresh Choksy on 03 March 2017
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Service Tax charged, without S.T. No.

We had sold a property thru a Broker, In October 016. Post all the deal closure of the Property, the Broker charged me the commission charges as was agreed by me. He charged me for the Service tax(15%) amount of Rs.39600/- @,separately for on above the Brokerage fees, I agreed to pay provided he gave me the Service tax no on the Bill/reciept of the payment. The Broker said he has applied for the ST no & will duly provide me the ST no in 15 days. But he has failed to provide me the no inspite of my repeated request by calls/ letter corespondence & reminders etc. As i have honestly agreed to pay the Brokerage by Cheque and also the ST amount on the Commission , why he is not able to provide the ST no. I am suspecting he has not paid any ST amount & charged me separately Till today he is not replying me for the same Can you help me in this regard. Thanks Chyandresh Choksy