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Ssmaneesh on 03 March 2017
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DR.Batra's worse treatment lost 95% hair when i got their meso therapy

I remitted rs 0000 total for so called meso therapy and medicine on 26/09/2015 at dr.Badras trivandrum clinic. I went through 10 sessions of meso therapy and at the end of this tretment I lost 95% of my hair. I went to treat the lost if just 25% of my hairfall. 05/12/2015 I visited clinic and tell them that I dont awnt to continue treatment, and pls give back the sum of amount I had paid for getting medicine for one year(I just recieved 3 months medicine). They asked me to call customer care mail customer care etc. I did everything but no use. I had been terribly cheated. Now I am demanding them to pay back my 20000rs, otherwise I have to go for legal proceedings against them and demand the amount for transplantation of hair from any other good hair treatment center as the solution of cheating dr.Badras has done to me. I request everyone not to visit this robber's clinic for making them robe your money as they did to me

Batra Clinic

Dear Ssmaneesh

We are concerned to note your grievance. Please share with us the clinic details and patient ID so that we can look into your concern and assist you better.


Team Dr Batra's™