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Narendra Pardeshi on 02 March 2017
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HDFC, Reliance life insurance has appoint many fraud agents

Are you people waiting for what??? If we already have many complaints against the HDFC and Reliance. In all over India we are getting fraud calls from Gurgaon and mostly from Delhi (cheat city) but still no one taking actions and people are taking the policies by getting the commitment for any kinds of Fraud Loans. I sincerely request government to take very strong actions against this companies. Today's Incident I got call from Anjali Sharma - HDFC Home Finance Delhi Number - 6830 She offered me 00/- loan with 0% rate of interest. Condition- need to purchase Reliance Insurance Policy. What they thought, is we are a fool people???? I will say "YES" because government is not doing anything to stop this loot. And they are easily doing this fraud without any issues. Please read the below same complaints which I just copied and pasted in this complaint because I don't have much time to write so many thing for this fraud companies. Other Example of complaints :- 01 Dear Team, I would certainly request to take up my point to the higher authorities. I'm a CA Final Student and have been trapped by the fake call offering 0% Loan against Reliance Life Insurance Policy. I was offered Rs.40,00,000 against a Reliance Life policy. Initially I got a call from Mr. Abhijeet Singh (Sales executive of Citibank in Gurgaon) 518) He is the fraud initiator. He changed his Cell no. trice. Last one is active these days. I got a call from him on 29th Feb'2016 stating that I am offered 0% loan if I purchase reliance Life Insurance Policy. I was in bad need of funds that time as we were planning to purchase house. He asked me to take a Reliance Life Insurance policy (Increasing Income Plan) Premium payable Rs.200000/- p.a. I was having savings of Rs.2,50,000 & I was glad to know that I'll be getting a huge amount in just 25 days.I belong to a lower middle class family & I certainly know the value of money .I've been working since past 10 years sacrificing many things in life & this call took away my savings in no time. And yes, he is not the only culprit. There is one more named Satish Jain 738) He says he is the Manager of Citibank. God knows who made him Manager. He is good for nothing. He asked me to take up one more policy of Rs.45000/-. I denied.Later on the matter was passed to an accounts executive Radhika Sharma 58). She extended the case for further a month. She committed a date (19th May'2016) on which I was suppose to receive the entire loan amount. On that day she didnt receive the call. The other day, she left a message that she is busy, the other day, she said she shall update by evening and the week passed on. Later on 29th May'16 she called me (yes, even on Sunday)and said that I shall take one more policy of Future Generali and then only my loan shall be credited. I was completely helpless since 3 months (from Feb'16 to May'16), so I denied to take up any more policy and requested to cancel my loan application & refund the policy money back. She said that the policy money wont be refunded at any case.The matter was extended till 7th June'2016 and finally when I humbly requested to cancel the Loan application, I was told that the application wont be cancelled and the amount wont be refunded. Initially she also committed that she will help me in getting the policy cancelled, but then she denied and said that you can forget your money now. It was easy for her to say this, but not easy for me. I called up Reliance customer care service and asked for cancellation. But I was told that as per the terms, the policy can be cancelled only within 15 days of receipt of policy document. I'm completely helpless now. My father is a BP & depression patient. He is not keeping well specially because of loss of such a huge amount. I would request Reliance to kindly make use of all the exceptional powers and refund the money back. Its a big amount for me. My father's medicines can be purchased out of it. Please look into the matter as I also want that no innocent shall be trapped further. Other Example of complaints :- 02 Reliance life insurance has appoint many fraud agents to sell their product with wrong commitment. As I received call from one of agent name Kanika( 941, 201) and her manager Amit(8826769947) regarding a medi claim cashless policy from reliance life. In that policy 5 members of family including me will cover for 15 year as medical treatment for 3 lakhs 60 thousand every year. I have to deposit 0000 once and after 5 years I will get 8780 rupees. They call me multiple time and they did the verification part from their owned call centre. When I get the bound paper it was completely different from what earlier committed. I call the agent for same then again they told its not the original bound paper, you will received it after 20 days. From that day they are not receiving call. BIBHU BAIBHAW

Reliance Life

Dear Mr. Pardeshi

Your concern is our priority! To serve you better we request you to kindly email us at rnlife.headcustomercare@relianceada.com. Our service team will be glad to assist you.


Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Team

Narendra Pardeshi

Hi what do you suggest if I received this fake call continuously on my number???

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