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Sajan Kedia on 24 February 2017
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Last moment change of flight, spent 24 hours in airport

Hi Sir My name is Sajan Kedia. I had booked an indigo flight from Bangalore to Port Blair via Chennai long ago. Recently got married this week, was going for my honeymoon with my wife. PNR SGHE6H Sajan Kedia PNR UH4HUX Prachi Agrawal Flight details: 18th Feb 2017 06:20 - 07:20 am Bangalore to Chennai 6E 233 08:45 - 11:15 am Chennai to Port Blair 6E 188 Yesterday evening when I did web checkin, noticed that timing of second flight is showing 6:45 am for 6E 188. I thought it's some mistake. Immediately called customer care in the evening of 17th Feb 017, he told me that it's connecting flight so no need to worry, the second flight will get delayed, I've checked with the Airport authority he told to me. I was assured. In the night 02:00 AM of 18th Feb 017, got a call from Bangalore airport Indigo staff, that second flight 6E 188 is pre ponned, I won't be able to board it, so we can cancel & give a full refund or reschedule it. Got a call from person name: Veena, number: 474. She gave us some really weird options like she can reschedule it for Goa or for next day or via Kolkata etc. Now finally I had no other options, all other flight from Bangalore to Port Blair was around 5000 per passenger. So finally agreed for rescheduling flight for tonight via Kolkata, in which I've to spend the whole night in Airport. I told in this case you should at least provide me a hotel or some accommodation for the night because I'm with my wife. But no help. I had booked a very expensive resort honeymoon suite for 18th Feb 2017 night in Port Blair. It was around 5000 per night. Called resort they can't cancel it. Now the whole day I've spent in my home doing nothing. We both are working, so took leave & now this productive working day & 1-day leave is lost for us. The Same day we had the ferry to Havelock island. All my months of planning for my Honeymoon went in vain. Never expected this kind of treatment from Indigo. Please compensate for financial as well as mental crisis. thanks

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