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Sagar Agrawal on 20 February 2017
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Fraud - Took money but Connection not provided and not refunding as well

I purchased spectranet connection on 12th Feb, but still i have not received any verification call and no installation has been done. I have paid the amount to Sales executive for installation and Router. But he is not receiving my call. nor they are refunding my money. The sales executive and senior sales executives are. Sales executive Guy - Balaji 014) Senior Sales Executive - Pawan 544) Sales guys are rude and have blocked my number as well. They are not refunding my money as well. Customer care is also not able to resolve my issue. 1. My older connection was disconnected on 16th Jan. Disconnection request raised on 10th or 12th Jan 017. All my dues was complete and clear. I was told that connection is deactivated(dissabled) and if any bills gets generated for next cycle please ignore it. 2. On 12th Feb 017, sales exective person - Mr. Balaji (mbl: 014) visited my house for new connection 3. He explained me about plan Advantage (speed 20mbps, data: 75Gb, quaterly subscription, Amount-2397/-+ tax 15%). 4. He told that i will have to pay 00/- 00/- for installation and 00/- for router) and in this 1st month will be free. 5. I paid Rs. 01/- on 12th Feb to this Sales executive for new connection. 6. On 14th Feb, I got verification call from number- 677. The executive told me instead of taking new connection we will enable/activate your early connection. I will not have to pay any dues. But i will not get 1month free. And Rs. 00/- which was for installtion will not be charged and will be adjusted in next billing cycle according to new plan. He also technical team will send some one at my place with new router and he will do the configuration. I said ok to this. 7. Till date no one came with new router and no configuration has been done 8. On 18th feb, I got email of bill for period 18th feb to 17th March and the amount Rs. 7/-. My concern is why I have been charged for previous connection which was already terminated with all dues cleared. Why I have asked to pay 00/- again for router? Why the amount of Rs. 00/- not adjusted in the bill amount as stated by the executive.

Spectranet Team

Really apologize for the inconvenience.

We are looking into this & will update you accordingly.

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