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Freejo Raffi on 20 February 2017
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Idea MYDALA Scam

Without any prior notice they deducted a sum of Rs.29 from my main account. When talked to the Idea Customer Service Rep they say they understand my problem but could not help me. Dumpasses. I never subscribed for such a thing called MYDALA and they simply activated it on my CellPhone. Pathetic. Somebody should stop this Theft. Idea Cellular return my money back to my account.

Idea Cellular


We regret the inconvenience. Please provide your Idea mobile number and alternate contact number so that we can assist you. You can also visit our website http://www.ideacellular.com or call 198 from your Idea mobile.



Freejo Raffi

My Idea number is 9895170571. No Alternate number. Also I had already called the Customer Service for help. They say they understand the problem but could not help. I just switched from Airtel to Idea because of such unnecessary deductions. Now I will have to re-think again.

Idea Cellular

Hi Freejo

As per your telecon with our customer service associate we wish to affirm that your aforesaid concern has been discussed and resolution has been communicated. For further assistance kindly contact our Idea customer care helpline.