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Ravianjana Dhurve on 18 February 2017
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I want Idea call details

thise is my 0682 idea no plz send call details @gmail.com Pmy MobAil is hang no send call history

Idea Cellular

Hi Ravianjana

Call details require validation of your details. Thus we request you to contact customer care by dialing 12345 from your Idea mobile or write to email desk at customercare@idea.adityabirla.com. If your email ID is registered with us you may also send SMS as Ebillfirst 3 alphabets of the month for which Prepaid invoice is required to 12345 and the soft copy of invoice will be sent on your registered email ID free of cost. To update your email ID please send SMS as EMAILIDEmail address to 12345.



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