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Priti R Uchil on 17 February 2017
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Mis selling by Country Club

Dear Team, I, Priti Ramchandra Uchil, Membership No. CCMU69TCLUB10LB55805 have already lodged a complaint to your Customer Care Cell, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Mr. Srikanth Reddy (DGM) and Mr. Rajeev Reddy. The matter was settled for 1, ,000 but you guys are taking too long to refund my amount. I gave my consent on 28th January, 017, it’s already more than 2 weeks and you say that you guys are still waiting for the approval. And post approval, you guys will take 45 days to refund the amount. Is this kind of Joke? Now I, here by urge you to cancel my membership and refund me the total paid membership amount of Rs. 00/- and also claim mental harassment of Rs. 5 Lakh by 25th of February, 017. Summary of the complaint is as under: I made an enquiry through Country Club website on 14th December 016. I got a call in the evening from Mr. Prashanth Gite and he fixed an appointment with one of your sales representative. At around 6:15 pm on the same day I got a call from Mr. Anoop wherein he said that his representative will visit my residence at around 8.30 pm., he also asked about my family details, to which I updated him that we are 5 members in the family... Myself, my Mother, my Brother his wife and his son and I informed him that I need the Membership for the entire family. The Country Club Executive Mr. Shadab from Andheri Country Club branch came to my place at around 8.30 p.m. I updated him as well about the family details and informed him that I need the package for the entire family. He further asked me do I wish to take Club Membership or Holiday package. I told him that my first preference is Club Membership. He then pretended to give me the suitable membership package. He showed me PPT and explained me the package where he explained me about the club membership first and then about the Holiday package. Mr. Shadab informed that on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of Country Club they are offering Free Club Membership if we take Holiday Package. After listening to the offers (which was false, later understood) I was happy and went ahead and took the Membership. I paid total membership amount of Rs. 000/ (One lakh Fifty two thousand only)to your Club on the same day i.e. 14th December, 2016 through HDFC debit card and took the Club Membership and the 10 year Holiday package. I visited Kandivali Country Club on 17th December, 2016 and on 25th December 2016 as few of my friends were interested to take the membership. Met few sales representatives, one of them was Mr. Prem who informed me there is no option of adding the sibling and their family, charges for few activities etc.. Below were the commitments given by Mr. Shadab which intended to be false and were also denied by Mr. Prem (representative of Kandivali Country Club). Sr.No Wrong Commitment by Mr. Shadab to sell membership package Reality check by Mr. Prem (Kandivali Country Club) after becoming member 1 Shadab committed that he will add my family members name as mentioned above into this membership package without any additional fees. He constantly assured me that the same is in process as approvals is pending As per Kandivali branch and Mr. Anoop, there is no option to add the members other than spouse and children. Mr. Shadab is still giving me assurance and have asked me to wait for another week as it is pending for approvals. If you guys do not have option then how he will update. 2 Free packages will be offered to you as additional offer as soon as you become member. The package includes free stay of 6 days in Bangkok, 2 days in Dubai and 3 days in Talegaon. We have no free package or additional offer and we shall not provide you any free stay. In one of the conversation Mr. Shadab informed me that Bangkok and Dubai package will be shown under your membership online. When checked, only bangkok was getting displayed and not rest of the locations. 3 He said there will be 4 free passes given for all the events organized by Country Club. As per Kandivali branch, any events happening outside Country Club are chargeable, even if it’s organized by Country Club. 4 All the facilities at country club are free of cost No facility is free. When checked, Badminton and Snooker are chargeable 5 Per night charges of rooms in all Country Club are between Rs. 00/- to 00/- The room charges vary. As per Kandivali branch, Andheri and Dubai charges are at a range of Rs. 00/- 6 Mr. Shadab also informed that I and my family members can avail facilities at Talwarkar's Gym free of cost Mr. Prem confirmed that there are certain charges per visit and the same will get accumulated in AMC. The same has also been accepted by Mr. Anoop (IRA of Mr. Shadab) Post update by Mr. Prem, I was in constant touch with Mr. Shadab to get an update on my issue. Almost every alternative day I used to call him and he used to give fake promises that it has been sent for approvals and it is taking time. In our every conversation Mr. Shadab assured me that the family members will be added to my membership and will be updating my about rest of my issues. During this, I also sent a complaint to Mr. Rakesh Kumar on 26th December, 2016 after which I got a call and mail from Mr. Aamir on 03rd January, 2017 where he requested me to meet Mr. Anoop to sort out the issue. I replied back to him that I will be visiting the Andheri Country Club on 07th January, 2017 between 5pm to 7pm. I visited your Andheri Country Club on 7th January, 2017 to resolve the matter and below was the summary: I along with my Friend met Mr. Anoop (IRA of Mr. Shadab), he said that he was not aware that I would be coming to meet and moreover also said that he is not aware of my issues. Of my multiple issues, I informed him about 3 of my issues to which he said that he has agreement and welcome calling as a proof where it’s mentioned that the amount is Non-Refundable and there is no option to add the family members other than spouse and children. Mr. Anoop also informed me that the 2 of the activities (Snooker and Batminton) are chargeable and a nominal amount would be charged to AMC if I use the facility of Talwarkar Gym. I on the contrary informed him that I have recordings (already provided to you on my mail dated 28th December, 016) wherein the executive Mr. Shadab is assuring me everything would be done as per commitment. Mr. Anoop said that if Shadab has committed wrong then he would terminate him. Mr. Anoop also said that whatever Shadab have committed which is not in their policies, is his responsibility and not of the company. My question here is how a person who is heading the sales team would revert like this? Mr. Shadab is representing Country Club and if he has committed wrong then Country Club is wholly responsible for the same. Thereafter, multiple mails were sent to Country Club Customer Service, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, and Mr. Srikanth Reddy (DGM). Mr. Srikant on his mail dated 17th January, 2017 replied me that “Under any circumstances membership fee is not refundable. You have fer grievances which can be resolved from Anup end” On the other hand Customer service agent called me thrice and offered me 80% refund, nothing was given to me in written (email), only verbal communication. I did not accept the same. I thought Country Club, was a reputed brand, however, to my surprise your representatives have tarnished the brand image or should I claim that it’s your tactic to get new sales. I am highly disappointed by the wrong commitments of Country Club and wish your proficiency was making happy customers, instead of just selling wrong packages to them. Further, I have also lodged a complaint to Consumer Forum with reference number: 5450 The matter was settled for 1, ,000 but you guys were taking too long to refund my amount. I gave my consent on 28th January, 017, it’s already more than 2 weeks and you say that you guys are still waiting for the approval. And post approval, you guys will take 45 days to refund the amount. Is this kind of Joke? Now I, here by urge you to cancel my membership and refund me the total paid membership amount of Rs. 00/- and also claim mental harassment of Rs. 5 Lakh by 25th of February, 017. Regards, Priti Uchil

Devender Chauhan

Hi priti. i have been trapped in the similar manner by the fraudster at ghatkoper branch.can you help me in getting my money refunded.can you please call me on 9594262855.

Devender Chauhan

or whatsapp me on 9321454922

Prasanna Modugu

Guys i was cheated too by there cheaters(Ajay and Lavanya coutry club employees) Please guys we have to fight against this I am ready to come anywhere we will plan among us and will try to bring our money or at least we have to punish them you can reach me @8143452580

Santosh Kelam

Hai Guys... My name is SANTOSH staying in Bangalore. Yesterday(25/07/2017) they cheated me also. When I gone through grievance's of victims I really felt like we are in ocean of cheaters. Prasanna as you said we have to fight together because individual fight will result nothing. So I'm ready to join with you guys.

Sivasankar Vadlamani

i am also one of like you got cheated by country club. we will fight together my whatsapp no 8197757267.

Anumula BhanuPrakash

Hi same with my case also. I have plot at janagaon fairway venture 300 yards. Bought 3 years agao. till now zero development. My email id is anubhanu07@gmail.com and ph num 8142595365. Atleast they should be punished. We need to file a case in consumer forum.

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