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Nitin Chaurasiya on 16 February 2017
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Cholamandlam car insurance related

It is fraud company with fraud people, i took car policy and they committed me to give car vaccum cleaner..but still from one year i did not get it. She is lady with contact number 287. She gave her name as akshita. Please do not take car insurance from cholamandalam.

Gaurav Rawat

In very simple words car insurance is a financial protection. It is a policy that is signed by 2 parties- The policyholder and the insurer. It covers all the losses that one might face due to the damaged done to the car or in case of theft. The suitable insurance policies that are broadly divided into comprehensive cover and third-party insurance car insurance is must. Comprehensive cover protects you against damages caused to your car while third-party insurance provides cover for the damages caused to other person or property by your vehicle.