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Sana Haseeb on 31 January 2017
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Aligarh Medical College Complaints of misbehaviour

Aligarh: A complaint was lodged against a Dr. in Aligarh medical college who had misbehaved with my mother and brother's wife who belongs to a poor family at Aligarh itself. The incident took place when my brother went to hospital along with his wife on Saturday night as his wife was pregnant at around 9 or 10 pm. Instead of treating her, Lady Dr. admitted her even she dint diagnosed as she need instant operation then today she operate my brother's wife and the baby is in critical condition. She misbehaved with my Mother using objectionable words like ' jaldi dawa lekar a vrna tera patient mar jayga' a nurse asked her not to write that much medison she start writing unnecessary medison as she knows that they are poor. Today i came to know about all the situation as i was bit occupied with meeting in my office. I have demanded strict action against the doctor. I don't know the name of the Doctor but once I come to know then I will let you know all the information about the gynic doctor.