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Justiceforankur Sharma on 16 January 2017
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Beware from sudha hospital talwandi kota

My Brother Ankur Sharma admitted to SUDHA HOSPITAL KOTA (RAJASTHAN) on 9 May 2016 for minor kidney stone operation, all reports are found to be normal.Doctors at SUDHA HOSPITAL KOTA transfered him to ICU with no reason, then delayed the operation for 3 days and then on 14 May 2016 he is given medicine overdose to normalise the blood pressure.. and within few minutes he died due to heart attack .We have filed an FIR againts doctors and hospital under murder charges. Lot other cases are already piled in court against this SUDHA HOSPITAL KOTA.PMO investigation and State Human Rights Commission investigation is in progress against this hospital . We request to share this information to save lot more lifes, we got stuck due to high infrastructure and high advertisiments of such hospital ..we dont want any other to risk their lifes सुधा अस्पताल कोटा जो 11-अ ,तलवंडी, झालवाररोड , कोटा , राजस्थान में स्थित है | जिसके डाइरेक्टर R.K AGARWAL है| ये हॉस्पिटल अत्यंत विवादास्पद है | बहुत से मरीज़ो के जान डॉक्टर्स स्टाफ की लापरवाही से जा चुकी है | अस्पताल का इन सभी घटनाओ के प्रति बिल्कुल गैर ज़िम्मेदार रवईया रहा है |जिससे कोटा की जनता में आक्रोश व निराशा है |