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Bharat on 09 January 2017
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Homebasework.net Scam Company

I started working with them for four jobs, copy-paste, form filling, Ad posting and facebook posting as it is publised or mentioned on their website. I found their webite on google and registered myself and got an email confirming that registration got successful. As I was working for regularly but when I completed almost 22 days work, their website stopped working for few days and they told us that they were facing some technical issues and we have to register again with the same Email acocun to login, Again I did registerd with them but there were no previous work completed record as per them they would recover that in few days time, which never happened. Again i worked for 12 days but they were showing any interest in payout. I sent them so many email finally few days back they had sent me an email that I was eligiable for payout. They told me that I would be getting paid by Paytm so I emailed them my paytm registerd number And they transfered Rs 0.46 ONLY !! When I asked why only Rs 0.46 while it was supposed to be approx Rs 000. They started telling me that i was registered some referal program and I needed to make two referals and they have to be registered by paying some joining fee otherwise I would not get paid for four jobs. I would get paid only for one job. While it wasn't mentioned in the beginning and never told to me while registering. The amount they paid Rs .46, after deducting 30% TAX, I dont know why ? Now they are not paying my remaining amount. Such a fraud company

Pritam Parija

This site is legit and I got my first payment today and am very happy about it for those who are telling its fake please do your Work as per the instructions given in site it's really legitimate website

Karan Malik

this is not a fraud or scam I have been earning through this site for the past 2 - 3 weeks it payed me on the basis of the work I did. Good site

Aman Singh

100% genuine site provides easy work anyone of any age can do it payment is provided according to the work done nice site

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