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Deepti Tiwari on 05 January 2017
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No Status update for policy no. 4015/115379226/00/000

Transaction ID's-2016122800085,2016122400001, Called customer care to know the status of the email sent on corporate email id but there is no information available on these interaction ID’s and the matter of addition & deletion of employees name in the policy is pending from long time. Agent does not have information available with him and he asked to call the RM but he did not have number available with him and he asked us to search it on Google. Please check the call recording as while keeping the call on hold agent used unethical language which is not professional and we do not pay huge amount to get such kind of service wherein we need to wait for more than 4 months to make the addition or deletion in the policy. Hope this time the issue will be resolved soon.

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