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Kirit K Upadhyay on 03 January 2017
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Vendor stop supply of DNA

Sir, I Kirit K Upadhyay Phone no. 5533 lodging complain that, Vendor of Kandivali(w) Charkop sector no.4 Mr.Shrikant stop issuing DNA from 2016 ,I contacted him (Shrikant) he told me that you contact Mr.Yadav phone no.8454970276 , he (Yadav) inform me my subscription period is over, I Contacted & he (Mr. Yadav) meet me I show my pass book In which issuing cheque was debited in pass book as on 08 Feb'2015 & Mr.Yadav Took Photo of my pass book too, (I Received DNA coupon & Submitted to Mr.Shrikant on 17/03/2015 so I entitle to receive DNA from 17/03/2015 to 16/03/2017 but mr.Shrikant stop issuing DNA from 2016 ). So contacted Mr.Yadav He told me, contact My (yadav) )senior Mr.Pradhan on phone no. 592. I try to contact several time but Mr. Mr.Pradhano 2592 not responding at all. TILL TODAY I AM NOT GETTING DNA NEWSPAPER. So I am requesting solve my problem at earliest. Thanks Kirit