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Tinkal Shaileshkumar Desai on 01 January 2017
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Haven't got Salary + Incentive from Country vacations

Hello, My name is Tinkal Desai. I am an ex-employee of Country Vacations (India) Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara. My employee number was CVBR0023. I have resigned from the post of Tele Marketing Officer from this organization on 15th September, 2016 by serving notice period of 15 days and thus my last working day in Country Vacations was 30th September but the thing is I haven't got my whole September month salary till date. I have also contacted local HR person and Branch Manager (Mr. Ashish Sharma) for the same for so many times but everything goes in vain. One more thing is I haven't got incentive as well for total four months. The breakout of this incentive is as below : June : 3000 rs. July : 3000 rs. August : 3000 rs. September : 1000 rs. As I haven't got my salary and incentive from last three months, I have to suffer a lot, both physically as well as mentally. So, I am requesting you to please interfere into this case very seriously and please try to bring my Salary + Incentive back from this company as mentioned above.

Girish S

Hi Tinkal Desai

See you or employees of country club has made enough cheating to innocent people and utilized their hard earned money and enjoyed during your work with their club. See now they started to cheat the employee itself. Now God has started punishing one by one.

Now employee later the Boss of your country club.

Since you worked in country club and you are also a part of the cheating the people. I suggest you to start a group and we all will join together and we should kick this cheating club out of our INDIA. Lets join together. Start creating a whatsapp group and there are 1000's of people who are suffering from the fraud.