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Arun Kumar Pahadi on 18 December 2016
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Credited less PF Amount to my Account.

Hi Team, My Name is Arun Kumar Pahadi PF Account number- PN/11332/76035 Employer:- Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd. UAN number:- 3586 Worked duration:- 08/08/2014 to 01/06/2016 ( 1 year and 9 months) I applied for the PF from my Last Employer but as i can see i didn’t receive the exact amount as i was expecting. I applied for PF near by September-2016 after that I received the PF amount On 25th-November-2016 that was around Rs. 14/- From Max India Pvt. Ltd. credited to my HDFC Bank Account which was unexpected as previously i confirmed the amount from my employer should be appx. Rs. 00/- From 25th-November-2016 i am expecting the rest Amount as i enquired that amount might be credit in two segment. I haven't receive any amount till now from EPF office and hoping that might not credit later, i need your help to get the clarification. 1) When should i get rest of the amount? 2) How much time it would take to process rest amount to credited? 4) Should i give any Complaint regarding this into EPFO site? Please look in to this issue and short this ASAP. Please help me.