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Dnyaneshwar Laxman Bhalchim on 13 December 2016
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O% interest Loan HDFC

I got call from 19 July 2016 - 6232 (Amit Bansal) 7096 (Amit Bansal - Personal) 0491 (Rohit Sharma). This person introduce himself from HDFC Finance Department. he told me about interest free loan. He is telling me HDFC most of Business Expand, so government asking for TAX, he has given the Interest free loan against waive off the TAX, & they getting Benefit for Tax. he is senior manager 3578 (Aniket Mahajan) of HDFC Finance / loan dept. He told me about and convinced me fully on it. Aniket Mahajan confirm me when you got the call from HDFC insurance team, you only gave them basic details about the HDFC life Classic assure plus Policy. By several follow up with these people They convinced me to get 10 times of loan of insurance value at 0% interest for ten years. IE-if i will paid 0000 Then HDFC will give Rs 0000 for 10 years wiTh 0% interest and benefit of insurance policy will go to HDFC life , they assure me we can complete the all process within 40 Days. after that they collect the document from my side, they regularly instruct me can not tell anyone about the loan process, when we complete the all process, we can handover the Application Form, 1 Cheque Amount Rs.70000/- Photo & ID Proof. after that Rec. Call from Delhi Anjali (IRD No. 473) confirm me Insurance policy. Policy No. 1599 after that Received all document from HDFC Life insurance, one call from Finance Department - 6021 (Sakshi Agarwal) confirm me Finance Details, Loan Amount, Family Details, policy Details. she has confirm me Finance Department Loan Account No. HDFCDF3006 after that Rec. Call from Delhi 5966 Rashi (IRD No. 390) confirm me Insurance policy Details. Agent Details Name: SMC insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. Address : Parshvnath Metro mall, Pratap Nagar, Metro Station Pratap Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi. Code:00631574. License No. : 289. Contact : 266. after that finance Department Help Desk Department 6943 & 5503 & 1379 (Tanya) asking for me Loan Update they Confirm me you are getting loan on September 1st week. after that Aniket Mahajan Return Call me, they asking for me you are Required Taxation formalities. they asking for Future Genarali Insurance same process. we have submit 2 Cheque Amount 2626 Amount. & i have getting 2 policy document from. Future Genrali Agent name : Ltd S.B INSURANCE BROKERS PVT. AGENT CODE - 503. Amit Bansal & Aniket Mahajan they Confirm me Taxestion ID - TFN300640011 after that finance Department 2794 & 3857 & 5343 Akhilesh Verma asking for me requred Home verification pending after home verification you are getting Loan Amount transfer in your Account. he line up Meeting with HDFC Officer 5th Oct But not any response, after that i m regular followup with Akhilesh & Amit Bansal but they both are not received my call, after so many followup with Jatin & Karan & Sakshi with Aniket Mahjan Team & Alok from Amit Bansal Team , they line up Meeting on 14th Oct & After 21st Oct. But not any response. after frustration i m confirm with Amit i want to cancelled the all process, after that 2 days received one call from HDFC Finance Service department 1329 (Priya) she has assure me you will received your paid amount November 1st week. So many time calling but we are not getting any response, now not received any call Amit Bansal Not Received any Call, I m calling to 3578 (Aniket Mahajan) they confirm me you are getting the amount within week. After that 7-8 days I called to Aniket Mahajna, the new lady confirm me Aniket Mahjan in Meeting with all team about the currency issue, After that So many time calling & Follow-up with All No’s, we are received call from 1359 (Vinit Kumar Agarwal) he has assure me you will received your paid amount within 72 Hours, he has Called me confirm me will received your paid amount before 3rd December 016, but not any response. After that I called to Amit Bansal but they cannot received any call, after that I called to Aniket Mahajan, then Sakshi Agarwal Confirm me Amit Mahajan went to Dubai for 2 Month. Today 05/12/2016 I received call from 9532 (Akhilesh Verma), they assure me your file in process in Govt. Office, pending taxation formalities for Rs.68000/-, after receiving the amount we will proceed Loan Finance Process. Today 09/12/2016 I called to Amit Bansal & Aniket mahajan but they can not receive any call. After so many different no. calling they received my call, and confirm me All they are in Meeting, when I called they confirm me all they are in Meeting. Today 09/12/2016 I called to Amit Bansal confirm me he is working with only my Loan File. They confirm me will update you same. Today 13/12/2016 I called to Amit Bansal, one Geeta Received call but they not answer me properly, I have very bad experience about the this. I am very disappointed about the all process. I called to Aniket Mahajan but they cannot coming on Phone. His team always confirm me he is out of station (Bangalore). Today I called to SMC Insurance Complaint Department, they suggest me mail to clientretention@smcinsurence.com. About the all issues. and after that 140 days today 13 December 2016 no body received any call, not any response. we are trust with HDFC name, the such type off your HDFC Employee, Complete his Policy target on fake information. I want to help for Delhi Police Department: to trace this al no. & take legal action for this kind of People/Office. First it sounds good to ear and any one will attract to it. But be aware of such type of calls with the help of this forum, I would like to tell all people to not faith on such type of calls /offers. These People are third party vendor working for these banks and getting commission on each sell of products. Please be aware of such type of calls. One of my friend who has already taken a policy and he didn't get any loan after that. Now he is looking to close his policy but no one is helping him to return his first paid premium.

Hdfc Bank

Dear Customer

As your issue pertains to HDFC Life I request you to email your concern to onlineassistance@hdfclife.com with your complete name contact number and a description of your concern. They will be able to assist you.

- Bejoy

HDFC Bank Customer Assistance.

Rajesh Singh

Same thing happen with me I have purchased two policy (Bharti Axa and Future Generali) now those guys phone numbers are not reachable and the broker is SMC

Rohit Sharma

Dnyaneshwar Laxman Bhalchim pls contact me


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