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Reshmi on 03 December 2016
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Not receiving provisional/Degree Certificates even after payment of fees

Hi, My cousin studied MBA from Madurai Kamaraj University via distance education. He completed the course in 014. He is in abudhabi and working there. For receiving provisional itself we had to make payment of prescribed fees twice and had to make complaint in CM cell. Only then they issued provisional certificate in Sept2016. When we make calls or send email there is no proper response from them. The staff who talk are irresponsible, they dont guide properly, they are lethargic and satiric in their attitude. My cousins company policies have changed and they are insisting on submitting the degree certificate, we made payment for degree certificate in Oct2016 and sent all the documents via Register Post. We had contacted the university more than 10times now and they still say that they have not received the documents. Online postal status shows that it is delivered. Last time they did the same with our DD. They had actually taken the money but declined receiving it. We made payment again online. Then when we enquired at the bank they showed proof that it had been credited in the MKU's account. Such cheap and irresponsible people they are. We have sent mail even to the Registrar of the university but no use. Kindly help us obtain the degree certificate or else my jobs will be a problem