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Loveleen Das on 03 December 2016
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Max Bupa Fraud and injustice

Dear Jasleen Kaur and Max Bhupa Team Had one question to you all - neither customer care nor the the hospital authority has the right answer to this question ---- Is dengue a 5 MONTH diseases ? Can a person survive having dengue for 5 months ?My claim for cashless was rejected due to one wrong statement of hospital that the patient my sister Lauleen Chaliha was suffering with disease of fever since 5 months that was before i took the policy . I was clearly told upto 90 days no pre - existing disease will be covered but emergency . My sister was admitted in the hospital - we applied for cashless one small error from the hospital authorities and the claim was rejected after which the hospital authorities issues fresh statement clearing mentioning no pre - existing disease existed as becaiuse even if not in papers its a common sense Dengue is not a 5 months disease . My claim was still rejected & i was asked to apply to for re-reimbursement as physical verification would be done . I agreed , paid the bills and applied for re-reimbursement . I was told that a verification will be done by experts who will solve the issue . i waited patiently for a month- no response from Max Bupa. i called a customer care i got to know its rejected - reason was dengue fever .Really curious to know from the expert of Max bhupa team is dengue fever a 5 months disease ???? can a person survive with a 5 months disease . We have the statement from the hospital authority clearly saying no pre-existing disease occured still on what ground the claim got rejected is a question for me . An advice for Max Bupa - Today's world is a transperant and digitalized world - customers are not fool to accept whatever is wrong - I thought it was a brand and it will not create false promises - U dont want to pay me back , thats fine but dont give false promises - dont put blame on the patient giving wrong statements that it was a pre - exisiting disease. i dont want explanation but this is my question to Max Bupa and the common man is dengue a pre-existing disease ---- i will use the digital forum to take help as i am just receivinbg one line statement from you guys "the claim is rejected " . Would request every general public to ask this question lets see what everyone as to say. i have seen numerous cases online saying the same thing - so is this some kind of gimmick created by Max Bupa to state that the disease was a pre-existing disease . Tagging Shulka Jalodia who was throughout present with my sister in the hospital , witnessed all the harassment by the max bhupa team . these 2 little girls made all attempt to explain the scene tried their best to convince or seek advice from the max bhupa team but not even one help was offered . Also attached are the statements from Hospital authority which clearly states the situation versus the statement of Max bhupa showing one liner -"its rejected ". My fight is for the right to bring out the real picture the capture of whatever happened . Also I would like to bring out reference of Vijay Dubey employee id p103402 - max bhupa sales executive who himself admitted that i was transparent in all the things right from the beginning , to help me he connected me to some team who did not give any answer but one - once rejected cannot be claimed for cashless and the decesion is final "

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