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Ankur Bansal on 28 November 2016
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Poor tikona broadband connection

Hello Tikona, Here again, my broadband connection is not working. Most of time, it keeps disconnecting and whenever it gets connected, the speed will be very poor even google page do not appear. This is happening from the time when i made my last bill payment. Please take a action on it asap and waive off one month bill amount which i have not used else take your connection back. I am fed up with your connection and making complaints again and again. my user id is 108. Regards, Ankur

Tikona Care

Dear Mr. Bansal

Greetings from Tikona.

Thank you for writing to us on forum however we understand that though you have been facing technical issues you have not called our Technical support and registered your complaint for faster resolution.

We request you to contact our customer care number 1860 3000 3434 and please give us an opportunity to resolve your issues at the earliest.

If you still feel our Technical support was unable to resolve your issues please feel free to write to us on Tikona forum.


Tikona Care

Ankur Bansal

Hello Tikona

Instead of giving me advice of contacting your customer care you would have given me resolution for the above stated problem. If you are not able to do so let me know. I will go for another service provider. Why should i waste my money and time on you guys. This is very vague reply from you guys. I request to you disconnect my connection from now itself. I am not going to pay you guys and not going to use it anymore. I made a mistake last time when I got trapped into your sweet things.