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Deepa Jogi on 25 November 2016
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Cancellation of membership & refund of money

Dear Sir This is Deepa & Gopal Country vacation people gave this Membership ID No: DT99#1299 Following is the description of the Incident that I have gone through with a company called “Country Vacations, A Division of Country Club (I) Ltd. A few days back I had gone to Big Bazar in Bangalore where one nicely tucked girl asked me to fill up a lucky coupon which I did without knowing what it is for, I filled it and gave it back. On 2016 I got a call from a girl named “ Shwetha” informing that I won the lucky draw and three prizes are waiting for me – kitchen set, free vacation for a week for couple and some free entry in a resort in India and Abroad and I was the one of the first one to get this gift as per lucky draw. I was not willing to go as I was tired and don’t trust in these offers but they kept calling me again and again to collect the gift and finally me and my husband visited them at their Koramangala location. All way going to them I kept on getting phone calls by “Shwetha & Bhargav” ( Mb:No: 6754 & 739) whether I was coming or not. I counter questioned them whether this was about converting me into some paid membership at Country Vacation Club which they flatly denied and offered me these mentioned 3 offers free against visiting them. Anyways out of curiosity, I decided to go there on November 21, 2016 and found that there were about 0-30 people just like me who were asked to come into a room. Inside that there were plenty of tables with one sales guy/girl trying to convert us into membership of Country Vacations There was some time pass survey taken by the sales guy (………….) and then a briefing from the so-called manager (Mr Kiran Mb: 062) & (Mr.Girish Mb: 37). They wanted to convert me into a Country Vacations member and started making offer. They tagged a price of Rs ,000 for 30 years membership with Country Vacations and lifetime membership of Country Club & a free site near Hyderabad, Tumkur etc., and we have to pay only registration fees of Rs.35,000/- I kept denying the offers they made and talked about various EMIs. But they kept on holding me by one or other way and meanwhile negotiating on their offer. Even when I said that I need time to think they forced us into this by saying that this is a one-time offer which would expire the minute we step out from the room. I guess I was one of the few people who got caught on their trap as the offer was lucrative, the details of which I have attached in the form of Complaint letter sent to them. The time given to decide was so limited that we happened to fall in their trap. Finally we decided to get into the membership for Rs 00/- (Rs10,000/- through debit card and rest through 18 months interest free EMI plan). However while signing when we wanted to go through the agreement they were not allowing us to do so saying that “You don’t need to worry, we will take care of everything and we are here to give you the best services.” When I asked if I can cancel the membership if I am not satisfied, they said that I don’t need to worry on that front and that it can be done easily hassle-free. Finally they swiped my debit card for Rs 00/- and rest through EMI. The EMI slip however mentioned that it is a 12 month EMI. On complaining they said that they will take care of this and convert into 18 months. On reaching home I went through their agreement which mentioned things which were totally opposite to what they said. I got suspicious and went through internet about Country Vacations reviews. I was shocked to realize that a fraud has happened with me and that I have lost my hard earned money. The next day 016) I bunked my office and went to their office for explanation. They said that everything is not mentioned in the agreement and that practically it will be completely different. On further discussions I found out that the Sales team has made a lot of false promises. I asked them to give me another agreement which mentions the offers the sales team pitched with. On this they said that it cannot be provided as the agreement comes directly from the HO in Hyderabad. However I realized that a clause in the agreement mentioned that only the original agreement is valid and that any other communication stands invalid. I thus got totally irritated Finally I got pissed off and asked them to cancel my membership and return my money But the customer care manager (Mr. Manoj) & (Mr. Waseem) denied straight away and said that the company’s policy does not allow cancellation. I informed them that as per AIRDA guidelines a consumer can cancel the membership if not satisfied with the agreement. But they said that they do not fall under AIRDA and thus not obliged to follow their guidelines. The same was also confirmed by AIRDA. On further arguments they said that the sales person might not have known the company policies about cancellation as the guy was new. (Mr. Kiran, Mr. Girish & Mr. Waseem) denied straight away and said that we are not going to cancel membership or refund amount and whatever you want you do. I would like the company to return the money as soon as possible. Else I will have no option but I will have to look out for some other alternatives like consumer court, Media, Police, etc... I am having sleepless nights and stressful days since the day I visited this company. As a citizen of this country, I would like to bring this wrong act into the notice of all Indians. Please do not get into the trap of this illegal act. I have been chasing them but those company professionals are not at all responding to my calls. I have sent multiple mails to their branch and corporate office but there has been no reply from them. At this juncture, I am feeling helpless. This is also to raise the concerned authorities to take action and stop such kind of companies to deceive people like me. They not only hide information, misguide but also doing crime which is going unnoticed. We all are well aware that Country Vacations (CV) denies providing any cooling-off period to its members and clearly states that the membership amount is non-refundable. However, CV being a member of All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA) group has to follow certain guidelines and one of these concerns cooling-off period. Extracted from this website with regard to cooling-off period which comes under ethics of AIRDA Cooling off period • After a purchase has been made, AIRDA recommends a cooling-off period of 10 clear working days, during which customers have the option to revoke, rescind and make void ab initio, any sales agreement entered into. • If the agreement is revoked by the buyer, the seller is committed to refund all payments made and return share certificates, title deeds or other documents handed over during signing up of sales agreement. This important piece of information was recently informed by CV sales (by mistake?) when the customer was a bit hesitant about joining CV without first checking its background. Sales team pointed this website’s link as a proof that if tomorrow customer wakes up and decides that he no longer wants to be a member, he will get complete refund – provided cancellation request is made within the stipulated cooling-off period. Thanking You [Deepa]Mb: 6962 [Gopal]Mb: 7608 Copy to: The All India Resorts Development Association – Bangalore The customer care – Country vacations – Koramangala The customer care – Country vacations – Hyderabad The CCIL – Country Club The consumer forum PLEASE TREAT THIS AS MOST URGENT

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Sumeet Jain

Facing the same situation Deepa and Gopal . I too joined on 26 th Nov and paid 50k . Help Me in the process if you can .

Mail me sumeet.jain115@gmail.com so that I can send my contact no. and we can discuss.

Sumeet Jain

Facing the same situation Deepa and Gopal . I too joined on 26 th Nov and paid 50k . Help Me in the process if you can .

Mail me sumeet.jain115@gmail.com so that I can send my contact no. and we can discuss.

Jesta Raveendra

I also got cheated by them we need to fight together.

Mi mail id is jesta.ravi@gmail.com. Please send me mail

Girish S

Let us start a group and kick this cheating club from INDIA. They are least bothered about any complaints. We should take some action against this Buffalo skin team.

My id s.girish@hotmail.com

Rameshkumar Gudala

Hi anybody willing to come to CM office or press in Hyderabad? Make sure you have the proofs like recording their audio and stuff. - ravitalveda@gmail.com

Anumula BhanuPrakash

Hi same with my case also. I have plot at janagaon fairway venture 300 yards. Bought 3 years agao. till now zero development. My email id is anubhanu07@gmail.com and ph num 8142595365. Atleast they should be punished. We need to file a case in consumer forum.

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