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Swapan Banerjee on 05 November 2016
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Land of Golden Gate, Domjur, Howrah not handed over or refund money

I booked plot no.78 ( 3 katta land ) from Desire Agro Resorts Development pvt. ltd. at GOLDEN GATE, DOMJUR HOWRAH in the year 2005 by cheque 00/- and followed by Rs 33/- as agreed installment by several cheque. But till date they have not handed over the plot or refund money, as per agreement it must be handed over to me after full payment and that has been totally fulfilled in 009. In this position I need help to recover the money.

Sajid Anwar

Dear All Desire Victims

Director of Desire Agro Mr. Ashoke Bose has been arrested by Kolkata police and is now in police custody.

Please refer The Telegraph 13-January-2017 Page No. 12

Please file more police complaints against this company and make the case strong.


Sajid Anwar