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Anand Ram Kumar P on 30 October 2016
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Youbroadband is the worst broadband

Hi Team, I use my internet for office work. My work hours starts 2:30AM to 10:30AM.If the internet is down, nobody will help me as it is a very odd time. Don't know what to say about your service. Extremely poor service and worst support. No proper communication between CUSTOMER , SUPPORT and TECHNICAL team. My internet connection was down since 27-Oct-2016 to till now.The complete issue is about fibre cut in my area.On 28th night at 9 clock network restored and worked till next morning. Again network down in the morning and called customer care and requested for immediate resolution and after making several calls to customer care evening at 6:30PM tech persons visited my site and said again fibre cut.Including customer support team everyone said "no idea when issue is will be resolved" . Still the issue is not resolved and nobody from youbroadband working today or tomorrow. Once the issue is reported by customer to support team 1. Do customer need to call support team for update on the case. 2. Once the issue is resolved, don't you call customer for confirmation on the resolution. 3. From the day 1 of the case logged, no response or update from youbroadband team. 4. If a customer called 20+ time to customer care, you can understand the level of support customers are getting. 5. Each time I call customer care and request for an update, they say they could not reach their technical team and escalating the issue. 6. When I logged case, support team told will reach with in 4 to 8 working hours. After escalating the case several times I hear the same 4 to 8 working hours. Event after escalating the case 20+ times by calling 20+ times to customer care, I still hear from support that will reach in 4 to 8 working hours. What is the point in escalating the case? Is this the way you support customers? If a customer says it is critical for him with out internet,Can't you arrange technician immediately to resolve the issue? If the issue is not resolved with in time or need more time, Can't you provide some alternative to customer? It's been 4 days with out internet access and no idea how long it would take to restore the network, At this point what should I do for my work? This shows your irresponsible behaviour and reluctant attitude you have towards customers. Youbroadband is least bothered about customers and they don't understand customer concerns. More over when you say 8 working hours, your tech person visited after 7:55 working hours. by that time the case is escalated 10 times. You guys work like a Govt officer 9 to 6 job. After 6 clock you will not work even customer dies.On public holidays and company holidays you don't work at all. After escalating case 20+ times, again your tech person visited my site at 6:30PM. I don't know how long I have to wait for network restore. Literally frustrated with you guys.

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