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Savithagm Savitha on 20 October 2016
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Please refund my money

I applied job Statebankjob centre salt lake city sector 5 Kolkata 154 email:info@sbinaukari.com Web : www.sbinaukari.com Help line number 6505 Ravi raikwar he call me & told regeneration fees 2500 paid Mr Raju Raja a/c 9947 ifsccode SBIN0000100 state bank of India then 16/9/2016 I paid money & send pay slip to @gmail.com same day he send the application form regards Mr Sanjayguptha assistant managers phone number 7782 next day Sanjayguptha call me to told paid 7200 for application form this amount cut 200 rs 7000 refund u r account within 72hours so I paid money 17/9/2016 after he give TOP=418953 & Reference I'D =626311173089 THEN Sanjayguptha call me to told we send mail bank account declaration form this reasons paid 9800 rs Mr Raju raja account this amount also refund to after completing process so I paid that money 19/9/2016 next day he send appointment letter & User I D: u18069 password : GPFjKR6U TO @servsms.com this site open your file &Hr manager Mr Rajeev Kumar phone 7782 a/c number 4529 ADB biharsharif branch he told paid 5000 this amount also refund next 900, 8900 9800 5400 600, 6000 rs this all amount I paid alternative day To He Told NEFF .ITR .Noc .Affidavit Noc ITR Stamp Duty tax he send message MB- SBITRN & HP- RBITRN site to my phone he Told me this message are come to sbi & RBI bank transaction so paid & clear urn transaction so I believe & paid money again I resive message HP-RBITRN your amount couldn't transfer with state bank of India so paid stamp duty tax 3200 then clear u r transaction this amount also refund then I call Sanjayguptha & Ravi Kumar sir I have no money to pay so please give my money back then he Told me we can't help you paid money &clear your transaction within 2 day s .I don't no what can I do to resive my money back please help me he cheating me please any one help me

Vinay Kumar


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