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Anil Chand on 19 October 2016
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Feedback of services rendered by Tata Memorial Hospital Parel - Mumbai

This has reference to the case of Mrs. Basanti Devi (Patient Registration Number CN 616) taking treatment under TMH hospital since last 8 months. She was operated for cancer in May 2016 and as per directions of the oncology HOD Dr. Kelkar she was supposed to meet for review in last week of Oct 016. However she reported some problems and she reached Mumbai and contacted your HOD on 10/10/2016.She was then advised CT Scan and the same was conducted , since then we are coordinating on regular basis and the HOD is not available till date. Every time , every day we are asked to check tomorrow. In the entire case it is almost 09 days no treatment has started and the condition of the patient is becoming critical. Let me share some of the experience in order of occurrence: 1) At the time of surgery we have been asked by the team involved in surgery to bring some extra medicines , we checked in the dispensary it was available but they denied as it was not ordered online by your surgical team/experts. Hence we could not get. We brought from outside. 2) Again we were asked for some other medicines , we noticed probability malpractices and we requested to put the request online they initially denied and when we said we have checked it , and it is available in internal stores , they put the request online. 3) The above incidence occurred 3 times during the course of surgery. 4) We are visiting the hospital to meet Dr. Kelkar since 10th Oct 2016 and after 10/10/2016 he is not at all available and the picture is not yet clear. 5) Somehow after requesting again and again the file was put for discussion with other experts and yesterday it was decided to provide chemotherapy on 20/10/2016 with a condition not to leave Mumbai for next 5-6 days. In this case it is difficult for us to coordinate in Mumbai in a situation when your HOD is also not available and no one is taking decision since last 7-8 days. The condition of the patient is becoming worse . We request you to close this matter on priority basis and in this context i will be calling you about the action of sending this email shortly , so as to take the matter on priority basis. 6. Yesterday some injection / medicine was prescribed and after waiting in long Que it was found that it is not available in the pharmacy of your hospital. They advised to contact concerned Doctor and get the substitute recommended . is it so that the Doctors treating are not aware of the availability of medicines in internal stores. 7. We need immediate redressal of this matter and demand transfer of the existing case immediately to are/hospital of our choice where at-least we will get treatment. 8. This seems to be the worst case in my personal experience related to extreme medical negligence and careless approach. 09. I also demand for internal enquiry and the conclusion in the matter.

Anil Chand

Status as of Now :

Just now I have called to Pro Office my Call was transferred to HRD i spoke to HRD Concerned person and enquired about the person responsible for answering / explanation in said matter. It has been told to me that the Medical Superintendent will be answering the issue.

I have already informed that the given deadline is expired and i will be waiting for some time for reasons of not answering to the issues raised in my complaint.

This may please be considered as final reminder.

Any update must be communicated to me on this email id or phone number 7798574287

On Thu Oct 20 2016 at 1:18 PM ANIL CHAND wrote:


All concerned Authorities of Tata Memorial Hospital

Parel Mumbai

Below is the email and status of issue which has been reported yesterday and the patient was shifted to her home town for further treatment on 19/10/2016 evening under critical condition for which your hospital was held responsible for not taking any decision for 9 days and not providing any treatment and clear answer / resolution to problem.

In this context i have called and discussed the issue with few of your officials and asked your management for satisfactory reply in the matter within 24 hours from sending my first email (refer the email below - more specifically on Point No. 7 11 & 16 ).

However i have not received any email / explanation on record and sending this final reminder for your action.

It may please be noted that all concerned authorities under the existing legal system may be approached on the ground of medico legal aspect.

please treat the matter important ad compliance required.

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