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Anam on 18 October 2016
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Laser treatment burns marks

Hello To whom so ever concerned This is to notify you that I am going to take strict action against your doctors who's have burnt my skin during the process of laser . Dr Roshini Shah, convinced me and kept calling me back to back to buy the laser package ..assuring me that it's the best way to get rid of hair . However as soon as I bought the product she seemed least Interested to give services as each time I wanted to take a session she had her own family issues she kept telling me like my brother passed away I need to take care of his son today so not today and blah blah anyways so finally on my 2nd session she burns my skin .. While the 2nd session for bikini was on I kept telling her that it's burning me but she was too much in hurry to leave for home and kept telling me it's normal ... I told her that I feel the intensity is a lot and the pain is unbearable all she kept telling me was "I have to increase the intensity as this is the 2nd session" I told her I am not in hurry for this so she can take her time but she never was even bothered about it . Next day I got boils on my vagina and arms . I wasn't able to walk as the skin was rubbing against each other . I called up the centre and informed doctor Roshini about it she told me it's common and apply soframycn on it . I tired that but that did not help the boils were not just calming down and I had to take 7 days leaves from work . Walk without my panties on . I am A unmarried girl this will just ruin my future married life I trusted Vlcc I did not knew this is the kind of doctors u have I again called up vlcc and told doctor that boils are paining me she said come to the centre we will see After that she nvr bothered to even call and chk on me weather I am good or not unlike for sales she made me 27 calls just to make me buy that dam laser product . I visited the centre and complained this to manager Rittu Khanna .. Infact I showed her the burnt and boils on my bikini area personally and she kept apologising and emphasising that she will take an action and she said she will take an action but one month passed she never reverted back . I again visited the centre asked her about the complain status but she kept trying to solve matter internally .. She was kind to me though unlike doctor Roshni .. But without any resolution .. I told her I want it in writing if u r so sure that it won't happen again and if u can't gimme in writing that means u r not sure about ur own instincts. Anyways doctor Roshni calls me after noon and requests me to trust her ( from her personal Phone and says Vlcc doesn't have any papers or letterheads to give me anything in writing ) I asked for my refund and after that both of them vanished nobody called me . I request you to kindly raise my refund . I would otherwise take a strict action and drag doctor Roshini and Vlcc to consumer court . I want my hard earned money back . I SENT THIS MAIL AFTER THIS AMAN KAWAR CALLED ME AND REQUESTED ME TO TAKE ONE MORE TRY AND THIS TIME THEY REPLACED THE MACHINE AND ALL BUT DOCTOR WAS SAME DR ROSHINI After the 2nd session This is what happens My 2nd mail Areas head You called me and requested me to give you guys a try again cos u din wanted me to loose faith on VlCC I did ... Rittu ( manager of VLCC) said this won't happen again .. while doctor Roshni was doing this I heard her saying this time I have increased the frequency even more it's was 13 before and now it's 17 (what to ever is the unit after that ) And finally my wrong decision of trusting u guys again gave me more burnt marks I want my refund right away or else I am going to highlight it to media now it's high time Instead of decreasing the frequency she increased it I have the recordings of they talking like this which I will attach down Hell ... when I msg Rittu that I got burnt marks she tells me I will send u the medication. What the hell is wrong with you people are u guys such nerds You you need to understand I haven't taken birth to take burnt marks from you r uneducated doctors and then so medications on them I need my entire 5709 back if not then I know where to take this case . After this I sent them the screen shot of the pics I clicked with time and dates as proof plus the recordings of the doctor talking while taking my session and saying that she has even increased the frequency more . Even after knowing that my skin was hurt . I want to take a legal action against them if I don't get my refund I have all proofs to fight this case ... Regards Anam

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