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Melvin Christian on 14 October 2016
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Country Club / Country vacations PvT Ltd worst

This is one of the worst service providing and looting companies I have ever come across.. The promises they make you while buying the membership and the way they fool you after that its horrible.. It has not been a single instance, but rather regular instance where these people are cheating members horribly every-time.. We have bought a gold membership of aprrox 1lakhs under some quota few years back and its payment we made through installments via credit card.. At the time of buying membership they made dozens of false promises regarding their services, which we dont even get a benefit of and cannot even avail it.. and even where something is we can avail we have to pay extra for that or else we cant.. I have been facing issues with this club since my first one month, eevery 2-3 months their staff changes and every month they come up with false promises and fake services.. they keep on calling you to pay amc's before 3-4 months of the due date, and they never answer your queries and help you when called.. Tired of all this i have often said refund my remainng amount of membership, just deducted whatever i have used untill this date, they dont even refund a singe penny.. instead they threat us do complain to govt or anyone we wont pay you anything.. We have to call dozen times to get atleast one proper answer, which takes almost 4-5 days to that, as on first case they dont pick up the call most times, even if they do they talk bluntly and rudely and disconnect the phone in middle of conversations.. when asked why you did that after calling again, They even dare to threat us in rude language that we can do whatever we want and complain about them wherever we want, and disconnect the phone and dont pick up again.. Regards to that whenever we want to complain about them to their seniors, no executives transfers the phone to their seniors making silly excuses of meeting and not available.. Once just have called office at ahmedabad and no one picked up for 4 times, then on 5th call one representative picked up and simply asked her about my bookings and she dint even answer me properly and was hurrying to disonnect the phone, if asked to give proper answer atleast she talked more rudely and bluntly.. when said i need your name to complain to your manager, she said do whateveryou want and complain wherever you want, i will not give my name, say im a customer care executive and dropped the call.. when called for the same to hyderabad office no one picked up untill my 3rd call, and once picked when i asked to tranfer the line to their senior, she dropped the call.. Have kept calling 5-6 mins, no one picked up the call.. Then tried other number, and after a good 10 mins someone picked up and then i said about this matter and asked for the same, he too tried to get rid of this and started giving blunt and rude answers and disconnected the call.. in such situation what i am suppose to do?? They have tricked us by giving false promises of irrelevant benefits in the policy which we dont even get, they have not even disclosed all the hidden charges which they keep on asking if we even want to avail any of the services, which has never been discussed at the time of taking policy.. For eg: At the time of policy signing they said you can avail upto 6N/7D days package per year after paying the AMC.. Even after paying our AMC they deny that we cannot get that 6N/7D package instead they make us settle in 2N/3D or 3N/4D max.. whats the use of that package then? and when asked why they just answer blunty and say we cannot provide you with that.. and disconnect the phone.. Another eg: at the time of policy no where its written we have to buy the food from the club compulsory, now they have made it compulsory to buy food in their club or else we cannot book our holidays in the club, they rudely just say no we cant and drop the call.. Why should i even buy the food from the club when i dont even like the food and pay such high price of the food for that not so worthy food?? They charge 200 for breakfast + 400 for lunch + 500 for dinner ?? why should i pay 1100rs. forcefully, when i can wrap all those meals in just 500rs for day outside.. where in policy is written i have to buy that food compulsory? and due to these now they dont book our holidays if not bought.. whihc is the heights of fraud to make money like this by loot.. There is lot more, but do not want to make an essay of it, I can write a thesis on them.. this is just enough for idea how this companies is looting and doing fraud with its member.. I just want my membership cancelled and my paid amount returned to me of remaining years... that is 0000 approx.. out of 1lakh aprrox i have paid for the lifetime membership.. i do not want to even be on page of country club.. i so hate it.. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM COUNTRY CLUB.. SAVE YOURSELF..

Response Team

Dear Sir we just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience in regards to your Membership & Holidays is deeply regretted. If you still have any issues Kindly click or copy and paste the link http://countryclubindia.net/reachus/ to browser and give your details of your membership so as to help you and understand the issue better to resolve. Kindly quote the reference number to track your complain which your will receive via e-mail on your registered e-mail id.

For Country Club Membership call us on: 040- 040 44331360

E-mail Us On : centralcustomercare@countryclubmail.com

For Country Vacations membership call us on: 040-44331330/67484444

E-mail Us On: centralcustomercare@countryvacationsmail.com

Best Regards

Response Team

Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Ltd.


Ramesh Naidu

HI My name is ramesh and i have a similar experience where i have received call from some vinodh +917659953579 saying that my coupon has selected for a price and asked me to collect gift from their office.They asked me to come with my wife other wise they wont distribute gift to me.initially i have rejected saying busy but they keep on calling me on my mobile and begging me to come.So finally i have visited to their office and they asked me to switch off my mobile and asked me to sit and keep on explaining me about country vacations and holiday trips.initially they asked me to pay 116000 and pressured me by surrounding me with their staff.i have agreed and paid 50 thousand and purchased Package of 5 years vacation in India(every year i will be getting 6days and 7nights stay in country club and country vacations hotels).last week i have received my kit and checked the status it is saying that i will be getting life time membership for country club and gym.and also i got 3 days and 4 night stay as complementary gift.when i called the representative who has explained me the process is not picking my phone and when i called the customer care they talked to me very arogantly. I would like to advice people who are getting calls about gift please don't temp for such face calls.Iam a middle class working guy they took 50000 from my credit card and i'm re-paying in installment @24 percent interest.Please forward this message

Prasanna Modugu

Guys i was cheated too by there cheaters(Ajay and Lavanya coutry club employees) from Begumpet Hyderabad Please guys we have to fight against this I am ready to come anywhere we will plan among us and will try to bring our money or at least we have to punish them you can reach me @8143452580

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