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Asad Ullah Khan on 06 October 2016
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Cancel my aircel post paid connection which is not in use

I wanted to cancel my post paid connection for aircel or convert it to prepaid. when I visited aircel offices the person said we cannot cancel your connection and we cannot make it prepaid. you apply for number portability. when I applied for number portability they sent a message which is for company not for individual. this number was for individual. I stopped paying and also stopped using. the kept sending invoice and the total bill came to 000. one day some lady called and threatened me that this call will be recorded and constable will call you and you have to be present etc. I paid the bill and told her that close the connection. again they sent new bill by email. please help me.

Aircel Support

Dear Asad Ullah Khan

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please share the following details so that our team can look into your issue:

Aircel No.:

Alternate no.:

Store Address:

Executive name:

Kindly feel free to write to us at aircelsocialmedia@aircel.co.in for any further assistance on this matter.

Thanks and Regards

Aircel Social Media Team

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