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R K Maheshwari on 06 October 2016
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Thyrocare's Wrong test results

We (myself & wife) are getting testing done at Thyrocare for last more than 7-8 years. Results are always satisfactory. But last time on 28th April,2016, we gave blood samples but the results of HbA1c was 5.7 for me & 6.8 for my wife whereas my results use to be between -7.5 and my wife's between 5.5. I am diabetic & on medicines for last 15 years and my wife is non diabetic. I wrote to Thyrocare but they didn't agree. Now to confirm, we again got tested at Thyrocare on 4th Oct,2016 and result of HbA1c for me is 7.4 and for my wife is 5.6 which is correct. Iwish, thyrocare should have retested last time at their cost for confirmation when I have given all past records. Instead they defended their results.