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Monika Priyadarshani on 26 September 2016
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Passport officer are not supportive , not responding to the query

This is issue prolonging for 10 years and i fed up with this Government process, the process of getting this passport is killing , its not only economical loss but its moreover a harassment , i want to also make complaint on the RPO officer and employee of lalbhagh passport office Banglore for Harassment. I applied for Passport very first time in 2010 from Lucknow as i am a redient of UttarPradesh , passed through all the process but for my project work i travelled to Bangalore and when Police came to my house for verification , they took 100 bugs from my parents to do verification. My Parent fulfilled their demand but ADA department have placed obligation as candidate was not available in person and they put my file in pending , when i returned back to my Native after two months after completing my Project work from Bangalore , My Dad took me to ADA department officer and requested him that Candidate is her please verify and process the file , then they replied as this is the case of three months back , now you have to again pay 00/- DD in favor of department for the file to proceed. My Dad have provided them that also , and when after a month nothing happened then my Dad again inquired about the status , they replied application file is lost as Passport office of Lucknow is shifted to Kanpur and in shifting many file lost .So , the application was cancelled by Passport officer and asked to apply for new passport. In 2015 , i applied for New passport in Bangalore as i am working in Bangalore , this time also i followed all the procedure , but this time while applying online by miss in DOB section a typo error occurred , instead of 13 i type 14 , for this they made issue and asked me to write an application for correction , they charged me 1000 bugs for that , and later they put my file on hold , No process , i tried tracking online but no information i get online. I applied for new passport in 2016 this time all the procedure i passed successfully. i too received a message that you application is pending for Police verification and in case within 3 week any police officer won't approach you go to Electronic city police station for Verification. I have been to Electronic city Police station and asked them to verify my passport , they told you have to go to Hebbagurdi police station for verification . In Hebbaguredi Police station , officer told Electroinic City police only will very , i came back to Electronic City Police station, they told they have forwarded file to Anekal Taluk Police station , i have been to Anekal Taluk Police Station then , there they told you have to go to SP office in Cunnigham Road. Next Day i have been to SP Office , there officer told sorry madam we don't do passport verification here please go to Commissioner office .I need my passport done as it is required in my office , so i have been to Commissioner office too there they told please go to your Lalbagh passport office they only can help you. Next day again i went to passport office in Lalbagh , from there they sent me to RPO office in Kormangla, i came there , in RPO office the lady was too rude she told you have applied for passport in 2015 and now in 2016 that is why we put the case in pending , i explained her what happened with application in 2015 , then she told go back to Lalbagh passport office apply for cancellation of 2015 application and then will proceed with 2016 application. I did the same , i wrote an application to cancel 2015 application and then officer assured me that thing will happen smoothly now . After an hour i received a message that my 2015 application number " "BN1068969040915 initiated for Police verification" and after an hour i received a message that my 2016 application " BN1069578892316 Police verification is pending at Commissioner Office, District Banguluru. I got confused then i called lalbagh passport office customer service , they told madam may be this have happened because of mistace you please contact Regional Passport Office Kormangla , they only can resolve this matter. Today i again went to RPO office , met with the same lady office , she is so ruthless , attitude lady , don't know even how to talk , she arrogantly asked whats the matter i explained her the issue now she again told me go back to Lalbagh Passport office they only have right to do anything. I am literally fed up with these response from the Government officer . This is really shame less we expect Soldiers at Border to safe guard us whereas we the citizens of India are humiliated internally with such process and people at position. who are getting salaries to help Citizen of India. I request to short out the issue as i am done enough by spending money in Transportation , application for Passport and humiliations and harassment given by the officers in each and every department i consulted. I need the response now whether i can get my passport or not , if no , i should stop wasting my energy.

Varun Bansal

Dear You have to file RTI by which you will get your passport status copy as soon by which your passport file will also moves forward. It is a easy way to make your process fast.You have no need to go anywhere. You can file RTI via this portal online.


So just goto this website and Apply RTI.They will surely help you to resolve matter.

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