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Pradeep Ganeshrao Wankhede on 23 September 2016
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NMC Nagpur health dept regarding

Since from four years I am giving complaint about cattle shed owner Mr.Chandrasekhar b.mendhe plot no.4 Khan soc. Mouza -borgaon ward no.62. Prabhag -23. Because due to dumb of cow dung in large quantities from two months every person is suffering from the problem of bad smell , mosquitoes, and many more problems of dirtiness .but still the health inspector Mr.nitnaware has not done any. Chargeable action against to Mr.Chandrasekhar b. Mendhe that's why his dairing has been increased .still he is spreading dirtiness everywhere. So please take any proper action against to these irresponsible officers.like this.and please make it clean as soon as possible.