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Shalini Jain on 22 September 2016
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Country club fraud

I would like to report an fraud incident wherein a large hotel / holiday company name country club India is cheating innocent people from the small towns by making false promises like free I phone and local club membership. with a deep regret that I have applied for this country club membership on 015, Sunday through company employees visiting my city Ratlam (M.P). I have paid a some of Rs. 1,75000/= (One lakh seventy five thousand) through my HDFC bank debit card in two transactions Txn ID 4507 dated 2015 For Rs 0000 Invoice No 9334 Txn ID 2828 dated 2015 For Rs 5000 Invoice No 9335 I have received a call confirming the payment received and membership details however I do not want to proceed with the membership due to the following reasons. 1. One I-Phone 5S was promised to provide next day( 015) but your staff has vacated the temporary office in Ratlam and now their mobile numbers are not responding. 2. They have informed about opening of a country club health center in Ratlam very shortly but now it came to my knowledge that there is no such plan in the near future. 3. We have tried contacting your delhi office 1290 and 1289 but both the numbers are temporary out of order. 4. Many other verbal commitments are not clear in welcome email dated 015. Based upon all the above points, I feel very unsatisfied and disturbed. Therefore, I urge you to cancel my membership application and refund the payment in my same HDFC bank account. Shalini Jain CCDL61CLUB30LB23455

Monika Paul

Dear Shalini

I was fooled by them to buy their membership for INR 300 000 on 10 Sep made several pro misses like yours but now refusing. Now m fighting to get my money back. Contact your bank to stop the payment immoderately.

Ankur Pradhan

I am also fooled by country club and planning to take them to court. Please get in touch at ankur.pradhan28@gmail.com. we may help each other

Response Team

Dear Sir we just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience in regards to your Membership & Holidays is deeply regretted. If you still have any issues Kindly click or copy and paste the link http://countryclubindia.net/reachus/ to browser and give your details of your membership so as to help you and understand the issue better to resolve. Kindly quote the reference number to track your complain which your will receive via e-mail on your registered e-mail id.

For Country Club Membership call us on: 040- 040 44331360

E-mail Us On : centralcustomercare@countryclubmail.com

Best Regards

Response Team

Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Ltd.