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Kiran Patil on 19 September 2016
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Enquiry officer considering his personal life against me beacuse of family clash.

I have applied for passport on 8/8/2016...but the enquiry officer is the one who had a clash with my family.He didn't call me for inspection and after my inspection i didnt receive any message dat he had verified correctly so i called him and asked about the issue .He said that i have given a wrong address but actually i have not. same incident happened with my friend he called that inspection officer and the officer suugested him to bring a bonafide of his college.He took the bonafide of my friend and cleared d file.Later when i called him for d same issue and i was ready to give my bonafide he didnt take it and said he ll correct itt....Till now i have not even got a single message of clearance of my file.. I have to book a slot in october 2016 but i dont have a passport.My friend got a passport 15 days before but still i didnt get even a single message. I m worried. Please take immediate action against him sir. He is just trying to ruin my life.My mobile no. is 4928 and my file no. is HY4069564606916...Hoping positive response..Thank you sir.