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Monika Paul on 15 September 2016
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Cancellation of country club membership

On /12, I signed a contract with several promises and offers made on white paper for a hefty sum of INR ,000 + ,000 Annual maintenance. I was told that all the offers made to would be sent to me via email for confirmation the same day. Inspite of several reminders, nothing has been done and many of the offers promised on white paper are now denied verbally . I feel this is a case of betrayal and cheating. I insisted on cancelling the contract at the earliest and a full refund of the money as per the AIRDA guidelines of 10 days cooling period, i got a call from them that this sum is non-refundable.

Response Team

Dear Sir we just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience in regards to your Membership & Holidays is deeply regretted. If you still have any issues Kindly click or copy and paste the link http://countryclubindia.net/reachus/ to browser and give your details of your membership so as to help you and understand the issue better to resolve. Kindly quote the reference number to track your complain which your will receive via e-mail on your registered e-mail id.

For Country Club Membership call us on: 040- 040 44331360

E-mail Us On : centralcustomercare@countryclubmail.com

For Country Vacations membership call us on: 040-44331330/67484444

E-mail Us On: centralcustomercare@countryvacationsmail.com

Best Regards

Response Team

Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Ltd.


Rameshkumar Gudala

I am going to submit all your(CV) fradulant promises to CM office. Indeed starting from collector office to PM office.

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